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JINTAI Alloying Additives(Tablets)

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JINTAI Alloying Additives(Tablets):

    JINTAI tabletted additives such as Ti Cr Mn etc. tablets for alloy aluminum producing have been in use for recent decades. These tablets (also named alloy compacts or mini tablets or briquettes or pucks or hardeners or briklets) can be used as aluminium based master alloys to produce aluminum alloys. They provide an efficient economic way of making alloy element additions in cast houses world-wide for the manufacture of high-quality aluminum alloys.
Rapid dissolution at normal cast house operating temperatures.
High element recovery and consistency of recovery – typically over 95%.

  • As the direct and leading manufacturer of titanium sponge and chromium/chrome metal and manganese metal, We are proud that we are the global top producer of titanium tablets、chromium tablets、 manganese tablets and exported to more than 20countries.We can modify the content based on customer specific request,typically Cr75Al Cr75Flux Cr80Al Cr80Flux Ti75Al Ti75Flux Ti80Al Ti80Flux Mn75Al25 Mn75Flux25 Mn80Al20 Mn80F Mn85Al15 Mn85F15 Mn85NF etc.

  • Product Forms and Packaging:
    JINTAI alloying tablets are cylindrical with diameter from 30mm to 90mm.
    Typically, JINTAI alloying tablets are plastic vacuumed-wrapped or aluminum foil-wrapped to reduce dust and to ensure a damage-free, dry product. the tablets packs are contained in cardboard boxes, and shipped securely stacked on pallets. For mini-tablets, the tablets are supplied in easy-to-handle paper sacks, or in large bulk bags. Distinct color coding of all packaging ensures clear identification of the alloying element contained.